In the past few decades there has been a real resurgence in hobbies and crafts, things that you do with your hands for fun. One of the biggest and most popular is scrapbooking. It has really taken off and there are so many people who love doing it. Not only is the process itself incredibly satisfying but at the end you have a wonderful piece of memorabilia that you can treasure forever. While many are caught up in the digital world, after a while folks realise that there is something missing from working on computers, there is nothing concrete and tangible as a result. That is why the hobbies and crafts have experienced renewed interest. One area that computers have helped in this revival is in helping people source great materials and tutorials.

Making a scrap book is a great way of putting all of your life and memories down, of making something that will last for years. Alongside all the various pictures and mementos you will also need to get some materials, the more beautiful bits of paper and other items you have the better you scrap book will be.

Sourcing the right supplies for scrapbooking can be overwhelming! But 3 Tails Craft & Cards is your one stop shop for all scrapbooking supplies in Brisbane. You will be able to find all your scrapbooking supplies in the one place at the best prices!

So, check our Products page and have a browse of what scrapbooking supplies you will need to make your dream project! Whether its ribbons, adhesives, embellishments, stickers or anything else - you can be sure to find all your supplies here!

If you want to have fun, do something creative and put your memories into something that will last forever then you need to start making a scrap book, find all the best materials online and get into it now.

You will love it.


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